We turn ideas into compelling content

Accepted wisdom is internet users have limited attention spans and short blog posts of three to five hundred words work best. It’s led to a web full of brief texts that lack depth, jostle for position with the same few words and can become repetitive.

At Dalmeny Close we’re helping companies buck this trend. From informative “long reads” to detailed analysis, we work to create compelling content that reaches deeper into potential customers than a few hastily written blog posts.

The work we do


We work with clients to research, structure and write long form content. Our focus is on feature articles, formal documentation and reports.


Our work encompasses both editorial design and web design for long form. We’ve worked with clients to design eye catching feature blog posts, white papers, investment proposals and more.


We help clients select and introduce content management systems. From establishing needs to migrating existing content to day-to-day management.

How we help our clients

Our approach to projects


We help you turn your ideas into a clear plan of action.


From surveys to interviews to competitor analysis we assemble the data needed to tell your story.


We create all the words, images and layouts that present your content in the best possible light.


Everything goes live and we support social media announcements, email campaigns and your PR team.

Why Dalmeny Close?


Since 2011 we’ve been supporting clients on their digital projects. Our clients include: Drax, Verus 360, Globe Business Media and GWR.


We’ve developed proven methods, processes and frameworks that reduce project times and improve outcomes for our clients.


Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients – whether it’s a single piece of content, or a full content strategy and ongoing management.

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