Creating a winning pitch for new investment

By Ross A Hall on October 17th, 2016
Creating a winning pitch for new investment

To fund growth a small business was looking to attract investment for a number of different sources and I was asked to help put the pitch deck together.

Working with the client I pulled together an Excel workbook of key facts and figures, which became “the bible” for everything we needed to know about the pitch. My core template allowed us to fill in gaps where further work was needed and sanity check where assumptions were being made. It also gave us the early cuts of the various charts and stats we’d use.

From the Workbook came the dozen or so key messages that went into the pitch deck. Avoiding a “read from the screen” approach I cut back content to focus on the core discussion points an investor was likely to want to review.

As well as the on-screen pitch I also prepared an expanded print version. This added in more detail from the Workbook and was used as the “take-away”. It was created so that slides could be copied and pasted into the on-screen presentation and reworked with minimal effort.

The result was a clear understanding of what was being pitched, the reason behind it and the materials to support it. Now it’s down to the client to successfully pitch for the investment they need.

Investment pitch infographic

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