The 12 mobile must-haves for product pages that sell

By Ross A Hall on November 30th, 2016
The 12 mobile must-haves for product pages that sell

During November 2016 I undertook some work to help a small business improve their product sales. To help me prepare I undertook a review of over 20 separate high ranking fashion and clothing websites, reviewing each on a mobile device and assembling screen shots, notes and sketches. From there I started looking around at the commercial performance of these businesses and drew on reviews, sentiment and other sources to pull together a best practice guide.

My research identified a dozen common themes and features that appeared across these sites. Not every site had all of them and there were some outliers (looking at you, Amazon). While sites did follow a basic structure (engage with images, pitch the product, enable a purchase and cross-sell) the pitch and product elements were swapped around.

The infographic is my take on these best practices and I hope it helps to inspire and guide your own product page designs too.


If you’d like to use this infographic on your own website just link to


mobile product page best practice infographic

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