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Commercial EVs in the UK

While Electric Cars have seen significant launches in recent years, the Commercial Vehicle Market has been lacking in major announcements.

We undertook a review of the current market for Light Commercial Vehicles in the UK

Key Findings

Most E-LCVs have 100-130 mile ranges. This makes them suited to urban multi-drops of visits to a single site.

Manufacturers have focused on preserving load space at the expense of range.

We expect “fast charge” to be used more often, which will diminish battery life faster. Our provisional analysis suggests 80% capacity will be reached within 3 years, affecting resale values.

Electric Light Commercial Vehicles (E-LCV) available in UK, May 2019

VehicleRange (Miles)Type
LDV EV30127Panel
LDV EV80120Panel
Mercedes e-Vito93Panel
Nissan E-NV200124City
Nissan E-NV200 (Eco)187City
Peugeot Partner Electric106City
Renault Kangoo ZE124City
Renault Master ZE115Panel

Additional comments

Ford is launching a “mild hybrid” version of their popular Transit van. Mild hybrids run an electric motor alongside their diesel engines, improving fuel economy but offering no or very limited electric only driving.

Volkswagen are expected to announce their E-LCV range later in 2019.


Commercial EVs in the UK



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