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Following several debates on Twitter over which car brands are “British”, we undertook research to establish final ownership. Our aim was to establish which brands were still being manufactured in the UK, and which were still under UK control.

British Brands

The following are brands that are identified as “British”. To determine whether a brand was British, we used the origins of the marque and whether it was still producing vehicles.

To determine whether the brand was “British Owned” we identified who had final controlling ownership. This allowed us to discount any UK company structures where final ownership rested with overseas interests.

For example, Rolls Royce Cars is a UK based limited company, but is 100% owned by BMW.

Aston MartinFloated on London Stock Exchange. Owners include Prestige Motor SA (Luxembourg), Adeem (Kuwaiti)Assembled in the UK.
BentleyOwned by Volkswagen.Assembled in Crewe, UK
CaterhamOwned by 3 businessmen from South East AsiaAssembled in the UK
DysonOwned by Singaporean companyDyson not yet producing cars. R&D work taking place in UK, assembly in Singapore. Dyson relocated to Singapore at the end of 2018
Jaguar Land RoverOwned by TataAssembly takes place worldwide, depending on model and market
London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC)Owned by Geely (Chinese)Assembled in UK
Lotus CarsOwned by Geely (Chinese)Assembled in UK
McLarenMajority owned by sovereign wealth fund from Bahrain. Manufactured in the UK.
MGOwned by Chinese state motor company SAICSome R&D takes place in UK, with production in China and Thailand.
MINIOwned by BMW.Assembly takes place worldwide, depending on the market.
MorganMajority owned by Investindustrial (Italy) with Morgan family still engagedManufactured in the UK.
Rolls RoyceOwned by BMW.Assembled in the UK
RoverOwned by TataCurrently a dormant brand.
VauxhallWholly owned subsidiary of Opel, now owned by Peugeot.Astra and some engines are built in the UK. Vauxhall is exclusive to the UK as a brand.


Aston Martin has recently floated on the London Stock Exchange. Our review shows the company is still controlled by Prestige and Adeem.

Dyson is not producing cars at present. We included it as it is oft-cited as a “UK Based Company” investing in Britain.

Non-British Brands Manufacturing in the UK

The majority of car assembly is undertaken by Japanese manufacturers. The forthcoming withdrawal of Honda from the UK will leave only Toyota and Nissan operating in the UK, although Toyota will assemble vehicles on behalf of Suzuki to maximise their production line.

Ford also operates in the UK, manufacturing engines and carrying out some R&D. Since the sale of Opel to Peugeot, General Motors has no UK operations, nor any presence in the EU markets.

FordUSOnly engines are manufactured in the UK. R&D Facility in Dunton
HondaJapanesePlant in Swindon to be closed
NissanJapaneseAssembly occurs in Sunderland
SuzukiJapaneseHas announced a sharing arrangement with Toyota for their Derby Plant
ToyotaJapaneseAssembly occurs in Derbyshire


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