Update on the relaunch coming late September 2019

Thank you to everyone who contacted me about what was going on with Dalmeny Close. To summarise: health issues delayed our plans to migrate to Japan, I’ve had a long sabbatical and we’re aiming to relaunch now in September 2019.

Here’s the long version.

Following the Brexit vote in 2016, my wife and I decided to emigrate to Japan, the country of her birth. As part of this we were going to completely reconfigure Dalmeny Close to build on business research and strategic analysis consultancy work we’d been commissioned for.

This was supposed to have happened in January 2019.

In late 2018 two health issues hit both of us. It meant we had to postpone our plans, and more importantly we had to take time out to recover. It was a difficult time but we’re almost finished now.

We had planned to establish an Estonian business to take control of the Dalmeny Close brand. This went on the back burner while we were on sabbatical. We’ve since received further advice from Japan which suggests we might not need this capability – for the time being at least.

Dalmeny Close is being rebuilt as I write this. Our aim is to relaunch in late September of 2019 and complete our migration to Japan in mid 2020. So we’ll miss the Rugby World Cup, but pick up the Olympics. This assumes cancer doesn’t return, in which case we’ve a plan C tucked away.

Independently of this I have been undertaking some freelance writing and content management work. Not a lot, but enough to help shape and develop some of the ideas and concepts we need to build on for DC’s future. You may also have noticed These Social Times – a sustainability blog that tested some of our ideas as an MVP earlier in the year, and some content appearing on this site that tested presentation.

All going well, this site will start to transition to the new business model in mid September and be fully live by the end of the month.

Thanks for your patience while we finish off our recoveries.

Ross Hall

Founder & Director, Dalmeny Close.


Update on the relaunch coming late September 2019



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