The HR manager story that’s killing you on LinkedIn

The HR manager story that’s killing you on LinkedIn

Candidate was 15 minutes late. The HR manager says to cross them off the list.

How many times have you read that opening? It and the “feel good” post that follows has been copied and pasted into LinkedIn profiles nearly 23,000 times if Google is to be believed. Written as if the person posting it had this personal experience, these words have been used by newbies and well known “influencers” alike.

So either 23,000 people have had a disturbingly similar experience in a plot twist straight out of science fiction, or we have a different problem.

It’s time to stop pinching other people’s stuff and claiming it as your own. You might get a few “attaboys” and a back slap or two. You might pick up a follower or a connection. Or you could find yourself on the State of LinkedIn, being lambasted for yet another copy/paste job.

There are some who will not mention it. The hiring managers, purchasing managers, consultants who will roll their eyes and pass you by. The opportunities you’ll miss out on which could have been “perfect” for you – all because you didn’t have a candidate who was 15 minutes late.

LinkedIn is an incredibly public place not to be honest.


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